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May 3

Closing Time…

Dear ChapterBoard Users,

We’re contacting you today with some very sad ChapterBoard news. It is with a heavy heart that we announce the impending closure of ChapterBoard and our services to the Greek community. This decision was not an easy one to make and did not come lightly to anyone involved, unfortunately it had to be made all the same.

We plan to shut down and all of our services on July 1st, 2012 (we have stopped development on all planned projects). This will give our chapters ample time to transfer financial information and records and export all your important documents and data. To ease this process, we have created a data exporter for chapter admins to backup all your chapter’s information on ChapterBoard. To export your chapter’s data, login to ChapterBoard, click on “Chapter Account” at the top of the page and then click on “Generate Backup” (please note: only chapter admins can access this tool).

If you collect dues on ChapterBoard, we strongly suggest wrapping up all of your financial collections through spring 2012 and not assessing summer charges to your members as our service will not be available. If you are looking for another financial collection provider, we recommend speaking with the team at Omega Financial (contact information listed below):

Additionally, we know the ChapterBoard recruitment tools have become integral to many chapters’ recruitment efforts. To continue recruiting amazing new members, we strongly recommend the recruitment experts at Phired Up. Below is their contact information if you’re interested in their services:

Finally, we want to say a very personal “thank you” to each and every ChapterBoard user. When we created this tool, we had no idea where it would go or how many chapters it would help. We are beyond happy at the success of ChapterBoard and we feel so lucky to have worked with such a passionate user base. Thank you for supporting this business, helping us expand our reach, and working with us to create a new way for Greeklife to operate.

We still believe these types of tools should be free for Greeks to use so, when ChapterBoard shuts down, we will be open sourcing our code for anyone and everyone to use (details to come). If you have a programmer in your chapter or an individual who wants to learn a new skill and make their resume stand out, we strongly encourage you to use our code and build your own ChapterBoard site for your chapter (you can even change the colors if you want).

Thank you for your time in reading this message and if you have any questions about the closure of ChapterBoard, please contact us at

Best of luck on finals and congratulations to all the 2012 graduating seniors!

Sincerely, The ChapterBoard Team

Philanthropy Spotlight: Phi Kappa Tau at Chapman University

Phi Kappa Tau BoothPhilanthropy is a cornerstone of Greek life and we at ChapterBoard always love hearing about the fantastic work our chapters do.

Last month, the Phi Kappa Tau chapter at Chapman University hosted the Orange Community Festival benefiting the Hole in the Wall Camps Association. The Association is an international family of camps and programs that provide support and life-changing experiences to children with serious medical conditions. The camps were originally founded by Paul Newman, a notable member of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. Phi Kappa Tau’s festival raised money for a local association camp, The Painted Turtle Camp

Taking advantage of the beautiful Orange County weather (yes, we’re all jealous up here in Seattle!), Phi Kappa Tau put on a day of “fun” for children and adults that included games, bounce houses, music, raffles, face painting and a walk-a-thon. In addition to inviting the Chapman Greek community and students, Phi Kappa Tau also extended invitations to the Chapman faculty and their families, and the residents of the city of Orange, California.

Suffice it to say, the event was a huge success. Phi Kappa Tau raised over $4,000 from donations and food/ticket sales for the Hole in the Wall Camps Association, and they also encouraged a great relationship between the Greek community and the Orange residents (an important, although often overlooked, relationship to have). 

Congratulations to the brothers of Phi Kappa Tau at Chapman! We can’t wait to see how the festival turns out next year… and hopefully some of the ChapterBoard team will be in attendance!

Inflatable Fighting

Inflatable Spider Web

Inflatable Slide

Recent Grads & Greek Life: Now What?

We’re almost to those delicious carefree months of summer, but before we get there we have to celebrate our graduating seniors and all they’ve done! Whether your chapter celebrates with emotional senior send offs, pub crawls or alumni initiations, in the back of our minds we all worry about one thing: will our graduating friends still be involved in the chapter?

For many grads, sadly, that’s not the case, but you as a chapter exec or active collegiate member, can change that! Keep your younger alumni/recent grads involved by, what else, reaching out to them! If you have chapter events that are open to the public, or chapter events specifically for collegians and alumni, go out of your way to invite your alumni back! This means sending emails, creating Evites, texting and calling, and even sending physical invitations in the snail mail (buying stamps suck but guaranteed it’ll get the job done). This also means hosting events tailored to the interests and needs of your alumni. Yes, some of the older alumni might not enjoy a Gossip Girl marathon at the house but keep in mind, when targeting the young alumni, that your young alumni are just that, young! Root beer pong tournament? GLEE-themed karaoke night? Take them down memory lane, remind them why college is so much fun, and encourage them to get and stay involved.

Here are some great programming tips and ideas for engaging young alumni (courtesy of the National Panhellenic Conference):

One last tip: keep your alumni contact information updated through ChapterBoard! Alumni can use ChapterBoard too (alumni discussions and calendars) and it’s a great way to keep alumni up to date about chapter events, involved in the chapter’s activities, and in contact with collegiate members.

A big CONGRATS to all the 2011 Greek grads! We love our alumni! We’re collegians for four years but we’re Greek forever!

New Features & Improvements!

Just because it’s officially spring doesn’t mean the ChapterBoard team has been slacking at all! We’ve been hard at work listening to your feedback, integrating your ideas, and tailoring ChapterBoard to the specific needs of the Greek system.

We’re very happy to announce some great new additions and tweaks to the ChapterBoard system. First up, the ChapterBoard Calendars! You can now create events that span multiple days as well as events that repeat at standard intervals. Weekly chapter meetings? Week-long philanthropies? We’ve got you covered!

We also made some important changes to the Polls feature on the Forums. Forum admins and the poll creator can now see who voted for what option in the poll results. When adding a poll, the creator can also hide the results from the chapter so your members can’t see the results. Members still have the ability to see what option they voted for and change it if they like.

As always, a big thank you to all our wonderful ChapterBoard users and specifically those who send in feedback and help us make ChapterBoard better. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or critiques, please email them in!

- the ChapterBoard Team

ChapterBoard App Reaches 600 iTunes Downloads!

Thanks to all our users who have been sharing ChapterBoard with their friends in other chapters! In just over 2 months we have reached 600 downloads of our official ChapterBoard app in the iTunes Store. Not only are we getting a lot of downloads, but it looks like everyone is really enjoying the app as well. A 4.5 out of 5 star rating is pretty impressive considering its our first attempt at building a better mobile experience around ChapterBoard.

That said, we know there’s still a lot of work ahead of us. Over the next few months we’ll be working really hard to bring our Android and BlackBerry users a better mobile experience.

User Surveys

Over the course of the past 6 months we’ve gone from just friends of friends using our site, to over 300 chapters nationwide. With that kind of growth we have to be doing something right! (Ya I know, humor us.) Anyways, we want to know from you, just how well our site addresses your chapter’s needs.

So, starting this week you’ll periodically notice a one question survey popup when you are on ChapterBoard. If you have a moment, go ahead and fill it out with your most brutally honest opinions.

Updated Chapter Dashboard

Just a quick note to let you guys know that we updated the dashboard so that you see which forums the recent topics belong to. This should help make navigating the forums a bit quicker from your dashboard.


Chapter Spotlight: Pi Kappa Alpha at Southwestern University

We love hearing success stories from our chapters. This week we’re spotlighting the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter at Southwestern University for their excellent winter recruitment.

Since implementing ChapterBoard’s recruitment tools this January, their chapter was able to bid 21 new members. That’s more than double their previous year’s and larger than any other fraternity on their campus!

"Also, the recruitment list feature helped us out immensely for spring recruitment—our recruitment program is deferred so we have to keep in contact with guys for an entire semester before we can give them bids, and using the online database helped us stay on top of all the guys we were recruiting. We were able to get a 21 man pledge class, more than double previous years and larger than any other fraternity on campus by a wide margin." — Brady Kent, Chapter Secretary

Keep up the great work guys!

This site has made our chapter function on a whole new level thanks!

- Thanks Cameron from Morehead State!

Chapter Photo Gallery Update

Just a short announcement letting everyone know that you can now leave comments on all your favorite photos in the chapter photo galleries. You can also like the comments, just like in the forums (no pun intended!).